About Us

Spirit of Oneness Inc. offers an original, collaborative, creative and unique approach to Health and Wellness in the 21st century, creating a bridge across the gap between secular and spiritual care domains.

Building Capacity in any domain means you must stretch beyond your norm and then stabilize at the new level. Spirit of Oneness Inc. stretches beyond standard wellness programs, integrating cutting edge scientific research and solutions with ancient practices still relevant today to present a unique, refreshing modern approach to individual and collective health and wellness requirements. 

By representing or aligning with a continually expanding collective of highly skilled and educated complementary care practitioners, Spirit of Oneness is able to offer specialized, whole body wellness solutions designed to increase inner capacity and resilience, and better educate and empower individuals. Services are delivered in an efficient, enjoyable manner, raising the standard of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health within any community or organization.

There are 4 primary domains of a human being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each domain overlaps and affects the others. When we bring our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Bodies or domains into cohesive alignment, into a state of communication and collaboration…..magic happens.  When we do the same thing for community, magic happens for all. When this same principle spreads to the global community, the whole planet responds. Looking from a different perspective, it is seen that individuals within any organization, fill in the same roles. You have thinkers, doers, feelers, and dreamers.  You have leaders and followers. When we all align, we come together as a collective, and everything happens easily and smoothly. Cohesion at this level cannot be forced, or ordered. It is created by all of the pieces coming together, not in the same identical manner, but in an easy flowing harmony.  The result is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Spirit of Oneness believes the solution; the keys, are in each and every one of us. It is not that we need to merge and blend and all become the same, this is an old model of “unity or oneness”………it is in recognizing our own glorious uniqueness and individuality that we truly come into alignment. It is by really discovering and building on each individual’s exceptionality, by exploring who we are independently, by empowering each individual to increase the vibration of their own inner energy, resilience, and outlook that we can reach new levels as a collective cohesive unit. We unite as one strong vibrant healthy community. 

A common factor affecting many living in the highly developed, fast paced, intense world of the 21st century is we tend to expend more energy than we renew. We spend tremendous resources healing the surface, patching the tears but never get to the root of the dis-ease. Many current health and wellness offerings produce similar results. They have tremendous value but do not reach the core of the dysfunction in all domains. Spirit of Oneness seeks out unique, whole body wellness solutions designed to increase capacity and resilience, educate, and empower. Greg Braaden defines Resilience as the ability to thrive in the midst of monumental change. Heartmath defines resilience as the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity. Spirit of Oneness simply defines resilience as our ability to thrive in the midst of the extremes of the 21st century modern world. 

Building on this solid core, Spirit of Oneness integrates multiple creative wellness solutions designed to work harmoniously together. In the 21st century,  individuals are aware there are many health choices, but it has been difficult to navigate through the often fractured and complex world of spiritual wellness centres and home based practitioners, all offering a plethora of healing modalities. 

Tara Sue Moore, B.Mgmt, CIM, FCSI, CFP, CIWM
Founder or Spirit of Oneness Inc. 

After almost 2 decades working as a Stockbroker, Investment Advisor, Financial planner, and International Wealth Manager , most of this time with BMO Nesbitt Burns, while a mother of 3 beautiful children, including 8 year old twins, Tara Sue is uniquely qualified to intimately understand the stresses of balancing the insanely busy lives many of us lead. She knows what it is like to feel a need to be “focused and on” 24 by 7, 365 days per year. Recognizing that while traditional meditation and other calming and healing practices work incredibly well, too many of us simply cannot or will not slow down enough to really benefit from these modalities. Tara Sue’s personal quest for health and wellbeing within the daily stresses of managing a demanding career and family life has blossomed into a passion for coordinating and facilitating the unique set of 21st century Health and Wellness services Spirit of Oneness offers.

The founder of Spirit of Oneness Inc., in addition to her financial degree, licenses and designations, Tara Sue is a Certified Heartmath Resiliency Trainer, an Awakening the Illuminated Heart Facilitator, A Usui Reiki Master and Karuna level 2 practitioner, an Acutonics and Bodytalk practitioner, a Drum Circle facilitator, and a Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval practitioner. She is currently completing certifications in Chakradance and NLP and Hypnotherapy. Tara’s personal passion is the study of ancient indigenous traditions, she is an Andean Mesa Carrier, has studied  North American indigenous and Mauri/Waitaha (New Zealand) beliefs and traditions, and is beginning in depth studies of Celtic traditions in 2015. She is trained in some shamanic healing practices including traditional soul retrieval work. 

Tara Sue believes it is a human birthright to be whole, complete, joyful, and satisfied. The unique key for each and every one of us is available and accessible, one just needs to be brave enough to choose to find it and use it to open up to the infinite possibilities life offers. She is an expert at compassionately designing and implementing the precise program to open the door for each client to step forward into the life they are dreaming about.