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Have you ever wondered what your true colours are?

Every living organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field called an aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects your current state of mind, body and soul well being.

Real time Aura and Chakra Imaging is a unique and fun method to discover how one processes life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the advanced biofeedback system measures from meridian points on the fingers and thumb. Thoughts and emotions are reflected in your life energy. Your current vibration or state of being is translated into a visual colour display.

With Aura imaging, we measure and display your colours and therefore your mind/body/spirit state of being. Your aura and chakras reflect how you interface with the world around you. Your perception and natural methods of interacting with the world might be very different from your colleague’s, peers, and loved ones.
An aura imaging session is a snapshot into how well your inner reality is aligning with your world around you. Are you inviting in and reflecting outwards your true self? Understanding one’s life colours is a gentle way of building awareness of ourselves and others, an important step in taking control of our own life and shaping our own destiny.

Aura imaging offers visual representations, graphs and in depth reporting on your own personalized full body energetic profile. Aura Imaging also reveals the energetic health of each of your main chakras. Every human being has seven major chakras and each one influences an aspect of our lives, from our instincts, sexuality and personal power through to how we love, communicate, use our intuition and connect to our deepest source of spirituality. Chakra imaging illuminates where you are strong and resilient and where you may need to direct your focus.

Use Aura Imaging To

  • Explore your Inner World of Mind, Body, and Spirit, see how you naturally interface with your environment.
  • See and understand more clearly your own and other’s feelings, thoughts and reactions.
  • Perceive and feel your own Aura, see how others perceive you.
  • Discover your own abilities and talents. Connect with your true self.
  • Use sound and colors to energize and charge your inner batteries, improve the quality of your daily life.
  • Better direct and focus energy to achieve your individual goals.
  • See clearly your strengths and your shadows
  • Aids in the design of an integrated, personalized health and wellness program.

Our imagings provide education and entertainment and include an intuitive interpretation, a personalized imaging of what we see, sense and feel from your photo(s).

Aura Imaging Party in the Crystal Cavern (90 minutes)

$225.00 (includes 8 photos)

Time use

  • Photos and Mingling (30 min)
  • Aura Imaging Tutorial (30 min)
  • Q&A. (20 min)
  • $25 per additional photo, X-tra time required if >8 photos total
  • No limit on supporting participants over Zoom
  • In person limits subject to all current regulatory requirements.
  • Includes choice of electronic OR printed Photos (Both – $5 each extra)
  • Add On of system generated 23 page report- $15 each.
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Personal Aura and Chakra Imaging Session

Private imaging  and intuitive interpretation sessions are available at the Spirit of Oneness Centre in Cochrane, Alberta. Basic readings include your photo and an intuitive interpretation of your aura colors, patterns and chakras.

Option for additional photos and reports available.

Option to add on 20 minute live session, obtain immediate feedback. 

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Corporate/Private Parties and Events
An original, unique and fun introduction to aura imaging and an incredible ice breaker at your special event. A whole new way to get your guests to know each other. Aura Imaging really gets people talking and sharing in a lighthearted, entertaining manner. Offerings can be as simple as a picture or can involve a detailed scientific report and/or an intuitive personalized imaging.  Suitable for all sizes of events.

Aura Imaging for Practitioners and Wellness Clinics
We will bring Aura Imaging to your location and work with you and your clients over a series of hours or days. Gain valuable insights into the effects your work is having on your clients, provide your clients with a unique way to see instantly how their work with you shifts their body, mind and emotional state.

Email for inquiries.