Are you ready to remember who you really are?

Are you ready to return to humanities ancient state of light being?

Are you ready to launch your spiritual awakening into high gear?

Are you called to re-discover the secret hidden in your very own heart?

Are you prepared for your consciousness to shift and your life to change?

This workshop is not for everyone but if you are answering yes to these questions, if you simply resonate with these words, if you feel a shiver as you read this, then it is for you.

Once one learns to live and create from source accessed through the heart, they become one of the very few humans able to step out of the polarity of earth-based body/brain manifestation and can experience being a conscious creator.This 4-5 day workshop is intense and transformational and will create transformational changes.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart teaches ancient and sacred practices but is organized and presented to the world in such a way that we, the inhabitants of Mother Earth in the 21st century are able to understand and embody.

The ascended masters, through Drunvalo Melchizedek, have gifted us with tools to allow us to remember and return to a level of consciousness many of our ancestors spent lifetimes seeking. During the time span of only 4 or 5 days, we work through the steps required to create our existence from the pure oneness within our hearts rather than the complex and polarized brain. Once these steps are taken life will be forever changed.

The ATIH workshop leads us through a carefully crafted series of heart opening exercises and steps, giving us the tools to shift our consciousness from the multipart brain, where most of us reside, into the purity and oneness of our hearts. We are now ready and able to activate our ancient Merkaba light body in a new way, a way that it is permanent, natural, complete, and connected directly to the infinite love and wisdom within our hearts.

By the end of the workshop, some of the activities you will experience include: 

  • Direct connection and communication with one of your guardian angels
  • Meditations from the ancient and secret Blue School tradition
  • A morning of discussions on healing followed by the powerful experience of Archangel Michael’s Healing and rebirthing ceremony, tremendous healing through simple love and sound
  • A heart opening, soul searching, essence revealing Sufi Blessing Dance
  • The ancient Unity Breath Meditation, connection to the divine father and mother THE KEY to unlocking your heart
  • Several different paths to return your consciousness to your sacred heart space, the library where ALL your personal records are stored
  • Movement to the tiny space within one’s heart, the place from which we all can create and manifest from nothing
  • Activation of your own halo and beams of light, shifting your consciousness instantly
  • Meditation to open your third eye, the eye that sees in darkness, another huge consciousness leap
  • Activation of your INSTANTLY PERMANENT and PERFECT organic living heart linked MerKaBa (vehicle for ascension)

Knowledge and teachings presented in the workshop include information on the history of humanity as well as teachings required to move us into the next dimension. You learn the dramatic difference between creating your life from the duality of the brain vs. the purity and oneness of the heart, giving you the tools to create “good” so to speak without the equal and opposite reaction sneaking up on you from behind. These teachings on ascension are simple and direct and the graphics used for presentation are clear.

By participating in this workshop your very connection to life will begin to unfold in ways you have never even dreamed of, much less experienced. Your perception and understanding of the world becomes dramatically different. The act of living and creating from the heart has been kept alive within many of our indigenous populations and ancient cultures and is just now being remembered across all modern societies…………The time is now!!!

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Maximum of 24 participants for online course

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