Learn how your emotions are purposeful and here to serve you. Open your heart and befriend your emotions through the Heartfulness Path.  It is a process of going within the body and connecting with the sensations of the emotions.  The energy within contains the wisdom of your inner guidance and connects you with memories, which allow you to understand and transform what no longer serves you.  Release trauma, pain and suffering.  Instead of pushing your emotions away, learn how to remain centered and use the powerful energy of your emotions for creating your highest good. 

Local and Global Health and Wellness Links

Illuminous Vibrations, Jolene Tse

Sol Vibrations, Dr. Erin Taylor

Sulis Healing, Dr. Jan Gale

Earthchild, Tammy Kremer

Circles of Rhythm, Judy Atkinson

Discover your Healing, Jillian Sodero

Shamanic Reiki Healing, Vicky Roubekas

Vicky Roubekas

Shamanic Reiki Healing (Empowering Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health)

I provide counselling and energetic healing work for women focused on trauma, self-esteem, body issues, health issues, empowerment, finding your authentic self, speaking your personal truth, spirituality, and a sense of connection and fulfillment in all aspects of life.  Clients will benefit from being more present, being more authentic, finding connection to Spirit, having “aha” moments, knowing what they really want in life, being more joyful, being able to take risks, having healthy relationships, finding balance, and awakening to their perfect healed state.


Spiritual Solutions, Cindy

Andean Research Institute, Rainbow Jaguar Institute, Jose Luis Herrara

Yantara Jiro


Tris Shallest

Lisa Chell+

Tour De Trance, Dr. Heather Bishop

Kari Lesick

John Tozeland

Lisa Chell

Josee Boulianne

Ron Laplace


Dorothy Wallis  Psychotherapist M.A.

Individual counseling and workshops






School of Remembering


BioCybernaut Institute

Amaryllis Healing Centre

Rose Wellness Centre

Lasya Healing Centre

Being Wellness Centre


Self Connection Books

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