Courses & Workshops

Human Coherence Courses (HeartMath™)

By consciously using Heartmath ® ’s deceptively simple techniques, over a period of only a few weeks, one retrains their own body to recognize and choose positive renewing emotions like compassion, love, appreciation and forgiveness as “normal”. On average it only takes about 6 weeks for the cycle to be broken and the desired emotional state is achieved with steadily increasing frequency. Laughter, happiness, joy, peace and love become the new normal and life becomes fun.

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Crystal Connections Courses

Learn how Crystal Healing works and how to use Crystals in your daily life. Learn and practice the use of intention and attraction to pick the best Crystals for you. Practice a number of clearing and charging methods as well as how to program your Crystals for any healing purpose. And best of all, spend time playing with and getting to know the feeling of many new Crystals!

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Earth Based Traditions

The tradition of using smoke from sacred plants to change one’s environment, within and without is an ancient world wide practice locally known as smudging. The workshop covers the use of smoke from various plants and resins to transform one’s environment. Learn what plants best transform individuals and spaces, clearing or shifting all feelings, intentions and energies not in alignment with one’s purpose.

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Aura Imaging Services

Real time Aura and Chakra Imaging is a unique and fun method to discover how one processes life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the advanced biofeedback system measures from meridian points on the fingers and thumb. Thoughts and emotions are reflected in your life energy. Your current vibration or state of being is translated into a visual colour display.

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Drumming Experiences 

Rhythm is a universal language known to everyone, even the youngest child, it is in us to remember. So, in a very objective, yet beautiful way, an interactive rhythm event puts us all on an equal footing and brings us closer together. Create synergy, camaraderie and increased well-being. As the group begins to play music together a common language emerges, and harmonious communication occurs. Individuals become a team and the team becomes a thriving, vibrant community. 

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

The ATIH workshop leads us through a carefully crafted series of heart opening exercises and steps, giving us the tools to shift our consciousness from the multipart brain, where most of us reside, into the purity and oneness of our hearts. We are now ready and able to activate our ancient Merkaba light body in a new way, a way that it is permanent, natural, complete, and connected directly to the infinite love and wisdom within our hearts.

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Spirit of Oneness Whole Health and Wellness Services, Heartmath Education and Resiliency Training

Resiliency is the amount of energy one has stored within one’s “inner battery”, energy available for use by the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.  Increased capacity and resiliency significantly enhances one’s ability to retain composure, stay in charge of your actions, and perceive things more clearly. Building and sustaining resilience capacity means becoming more intelligent about how you use your energy and replenishing your energy reserves.

Spirit of Oneness offers independent teaching and training in the use of Heartmath’s skillfully designed, reliable, science based series of deceptively simple tools. Tools which when used consistently over a relatively short period of time have been proven to dramatically increase individual’s resilience capacity opening the door for noticeable shifts and improvements in many aspects of one’s life. 

Practicing Coherence and resilience building skills leads to many physiological, psychological and relational benefits including:

  • Enhances ability to maintain composure during challenges
  • Improves family and social harmony
  • Reduces fatigue and exhaustion
  • Promotes the body’s natural regenerative processes
  • Improves coordination and reaction times
  • Enhancing the ability to think clearly and find better solutions
  • Improves ability to learn and achieve higher test scores
  • Increases access to intuitive intelligent, your gut feeling

From the boardroom to the classroom to the sports field, a healthier more robust inner battery has been documented to enhance performance. Heartmath’s tools are designed to be used on the go, providing simple usable solutions compatible with the busy lifestyles of the modern world.

Spirit of Oneness offers public and private training in the use of Heartmath Resiliency Tools.  The teachings can be delivered in the format of a 1 or 2 day workshop or broken down into smaller segments and presented in a series over time. Some tools can be taught in single 1-2 hour sessions.

Please see the event calendar for Publicly Scheduled Classes and Workshops.

Contact to explore bringing this game changing system into your corporation, organization or group.  Currently booking dates for 2015. All trainers working through Spirit of Oneness Inc. have completed the Heartmath Resilience Training and are certified by Heartmath to deliver their teachings.

Self-empowerment and awareness – Services provided to individuals or groups.

Aura and Chakra Imaging Biofeedback Services

Spirit of Oneness provides real time Aura and chakra Imaging. A unique and fun method to discover how one processes life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, our advanced biofeedback system measures from acupuncture points on the fingers and thumb and translates this into a visual display of your colours. Our “thoughts” combined with our energy-in-motions, direct our experience and our reality. Our thoughts and our e-motions are reflected in our life energy. The vibration, or quality of life energy, is reflected in the colours of the rainbow. With Aura imaging technology, we measure and display your energy and therefore your mind/body/spirit state of being. Your colour(s) reflect how you naturally interface with the world around you.  Your perception and natural methods of interacting with the world might be very different from your colleague’s, peers, and loved ones. Understanding one’s life colours is a gentle way of building awareness of ourselves and others, an important step in taking control of our own life and shaping our own destiny. 

As Heartmath’s research is documenting, our bodies naturally operate within a natural baseline vibration, however we can shift this baseline through regular short intervals of conscious adjustments. As one’s ability to consciously shift and balance is entrained into one’s system. The aura imaging documents and reflects progress instantly, in a fun and easy to interpret manner. We encourage you to come and experience it for yourself. 

Aura imaging offers visual representations and graphs and in depth reporting on your own personalized full body energetic profile. Aura Imaging also reveals the energetic health of each of your main chakras. Every human being has seven major chakras and each one influences an aspect of our lives.  From our instincts, sexuality and personal power through to how we love, communicate, use our intuition and connect to our deepest source of spirituality. Chakra imaging illuminates where you are strong and resilient and where you it would be wise to direct your focus. 

Use Aura Imaging to:

  • Explore your Inner World of Mind, Body, and Spirit, see how you naturally interface with your environment
  • See and understand more clearly your own and other’s feelings, thoughts and reactions.
  • Perceive and feel your own Aura, see how others perceive you.
  • Discover your own abilities and talents. Connect with your true self
  • Use sound and colors to energize and charge your inner batteries, improve the quality of your daily life
  • Recharge your Aura – your energy batteries, measure your progress
  • Better Direct and focus energy to achieve your individual goals
  • See clearly your strengths and your shadows, can be used to design an integrated, personalized health and wellness program
  • Joint imaging sessions, reveal the affect 2 individuals have on each other.
  • Animal/Owner Aura imaging also available.

On site Aura readings – Book us to come into your facility or function and provide 15, 30, or 60 minute sessions potentially including your Aura picture, Chakra Picture, a detailed report, scientific and intuitive insights. Individual, Couple and Small Animal sessions available.  

Corporate and Private Parties and Events– An original, unique and fun introduction to aura imaging and an incredible ice breaker at your special event. A whole new way to get your guests to know each other. Aura Imaging really gets people talking and sharing in a lighthearted, entertaining manner. Offerings can be as simple as a picture or can involve a detailed scientific report and/or an intuitive personalized reading.  Suitable for all sizes of events.

Aura Imaging for Practitioners and Wellness Clinics – Spirit of Oneness will bring Aura Imaging to your location and work with you and your clients over a series of hours or days. Really gain valuable insights into the effects your work is having on your clients, providing your clients with a unique way to see instantly how their work with you shifts their body, mind and emotional state.

Part of an event package – The Aura Imaging blends harmoniously into many team building events and retreats. At a minimum it can be used to reflect one’s state upon arrival and one’s state by the end of the event.  Aura Imaging used in this manner is unique to Spirit of Oneness, making your event memorable.

Contact to discuss possibilities and to book the imaging system.


NLP and Hypnotherapy, 

Women’s empowerment workshop and retreat series, Releasing Limiting Emotions and Beliefs series

In alliance with Tour De Trance, and The Tozeland Group, Spirit of Oneness offers a variety of powerful hypnotherapy group empowerment sessions. Life changing sessions easily and gently open channels of clear communication between our subconscious and unconscious parts of our minds. Guided by our practitioners, you are led on a journey of self-discovery. You are led on a journey to remember your full complete empowered state of being, a state from which you can source infinite power, knowledge and gifts. 

Hypnotherapy is:

  • A powerful way to truly come to know yourself.
  • Not hypnosis.  You are always in control during a session.
  • Quick, a session is 1 to 2 hours and results are rapid and profound and permanent.
  • An extremely effective tool for releasing locked-in limiting beliefs or negative emotions – fear, anger, guilt, sadness, and other depleting emotions can be lifted and let go of almost instantly.
  • An amazing way to connect your body, mind and spirit.
  • Life changing in the most positive and profound way.

Take yourself on an exciting journey of self-discovery and acceptance.  Banish the nagging judge that weighs heavily on your shoulders.  Heal your past, shift the way you experience your present and empower yourself to choose your own future. 

NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy Practitioner Trainings – Are you considering a new career, or already working in the health and wellness arena and looking to expand or deepen your skillsets. Master NLP Trainer, John Tozeland will be offering a series of NLP trainings in the Calgary area.  Completion of the one year program gives you…………………………………………. 

Please see the event calendar for upcoming sessions, workshops and trainings.


Movement and Music – In Alliance with Sol Vibrations, Illuminous Vibrations, Circles of Rhythm, Earth Child, Ametrine Spirit, Tour De trance and Sulis Healing, Spirit of Oneness offers individualized and group sound and movement programs including:

Sound Healing Concerts, Walks, Events, Workshops and Meditations

In alliance with Ametrine Spirit, Illuminous Vibrations, Sol Vibrations, and Sulis Healing, Spirit of Oneness offers a variety of sound and vibration experiences. 

Crystal Bowl Concert Walks – Downtown Calgary Lunchtime Series. Beginning in December, 2014, we are bringing a series of lunchtime sound baths into downtown core of Calgary. Come experience the pure pleasure of just listening to the beautiful, relaxing harmonies while at the same time receiving a full body alignment. Physical stress is simply melted away as the vibrations from the pure crystal bowls wash away worries, tensions, and stressors. Watch for our locations and dates, coming soon.

The healing power of vibration, of sound is an ancient, modern and futuristic healing tool. The human body. The end result is a deeper level of internal and external harmony, a true sense of coherence, and a renewed sense of balance. There is a shift in perception of what is within and without; the body, mind, and spirit are able to achieve far greater unity that results in an increased well-being.


Group Sound Healing Sessions – Crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency or note of each chakra within the human body are played together creating a concert of relaxing yet regenerating and invigorating harmonies. Many of the Singing bowls we use are infused with the essence of earthly and cosmic energetics, minerals, precious and semiprecious gemstones augmenting the frequencies and enhancing the effects on the human body.  Cosmic Gongs introducing new frequencies to the earth and the human body are a literally “out of this world” addition to the harmonic concerto. Contact to explore creating a personalized sound wellness program for your organization.

Individual Sound Healing Sessions (Tuning Forks – Acutonics)- offered privately by Dr. Erin Taylor from Sol Vibrations, Jolene Tse from Illuminous Vibrations, Jan Gale from Sulis Healing, and Tara Sue Moore from Ametrine Spirit. All of these practitioners are skilled in the use of the Acutonics system of tuning forks. These high quality healing tools are tuned precisely and exactly to the natural rhythms and frequencies of our earth and solar system. The natural world and its cycles play a critical role in the development of a balanced and sustainable way of life, a life that is built in harmony and a deep recognition that what is out there in the natural world and the greater cosmos is also within us. Applied to the body through acupuncture meridians, these precisely tuned vibrations immediately shift our own inner structure, our own frequency, bringing us back into harmony and coherence.


Chakradancing is a unique new way to combine the health and wellness effects of active physical movement while focusing on balancing the energetic systems of the body, known as the chakra system. The role of the chakra system is to help regulate the human energy field, commonly known as the aura.  The aura is a dynamic, energetic matrix, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. There is a reason dancing is a part of many cultures, events and celebrations.  Humans have danced in some manner and form throughout history.  Physical movement opens up one to healing and changing. When you discover the power and the energy that resides within you, it is like coming home.  Chakradance is a form of nourishment for your true self, for your soul.  Blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance will free the energy in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life. 

Are you planning a corporate health and wellness retreat and looking for something different to offer. Do you have room to offer a movement filled series of lunch hours? Chakradancing is a unique alternative or addition to more conventional yoga and/or aerobic offerings. CHAKRADANCE is a healing dance practice. It is unique because it uses spontaneous dance for the purpose of healing. There is no right or wrong way to CHAKRADANCE. It’s a journey of self-discovery. Each chakra is explored through specific music, guided imagery and your own free, improvised dance, done with your eyes softly closed. This begins to activate inner experiences. It’s almost like entering into a waking dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye while you are dancing or gain insights. You may also experience feelings, emotions or physical sensations. Classes, comprised of a small group of people, are held in candle lit spaces. Although music and dance form the primary focus, sessions also include sensing, working with elements and colours, and short meditations. If a combination of music, moving meditation and inner body healing and balancing catches your attention, Chakradance may be the solution you are searching for.


Chakradancing is offered as a series of 1.5 hour sessions, a 1 or 2 day workshop format, or as a standalone event dancing through all of the chakras within 1.5 hours. It integrates beautifully into a weekend team building or corporate retreat environment.  See the event calendar for regularly scheduled sessions or contact  to build your own customized offering.

Pranayama Yoga

In alliance with Earth Child healing and guidance, Spirit of Oneness offers the opportunity to bring various yoga practices into your workspace, event or retreat. Whether you choose to participate in the active aspects of yoga or other disciplines within the practice, you can benefit from reducing stress, calming the mind and bringing clarity.  The active practice of yoga is call asana.  This is the movement of the body into various poses.  Many of the poses target specific areas of the body, including the internal organs and the state of mind.  We can open the spine, detoxify the kidneys, liver, stomach and improve blood and oxygen flow throughout the body to name just a few.  Practicing asana in a mindful, calming environment can induce a meditative state, releasing held stress from mind and body.  Increasing our awareness of the physical body through yoga translates into our everyday life, knowing our limits, understanding what our body is telling us and allows us to manage “life” with more joy, ease and grace.

 Pranayama is the yoga discipline that teaches breathing practices which can be done anywhere to restore balance to the body and mind.  By controlling our breath (life force energy) we can calm a scattered, stressed mind and body.  We instantly restore the nervous system from a heightened state that chronically causes disease in the body to a state of balance, peace and restfulness.  Learning how to maintain a state of calm more often allows the brain to think clearly, function better, and be more productive.   Working smarter, not harder is a perfect mantra for one of the benefits received during this powerful, easy to learn tool.

 Many of us have heard about meditation, it is a term used by many, but understood by few.  There are several techniques within the generic term “meditation”.  We teach easy to follow, easy to remember, and do anywhere tools that benefit any professional.  Meditation helps us concentrate, and calm our minds and body.  Those that practice meditation on any level of complexity enjoy great rewards that have a ripple effect in all areas of their lives.  The discipline of yoga has been shown to increase the quality of your life, at work and at play. Our suite of services would not be complete without it.

Corporate and Community Drumming Circles and Events

In alliance with Circles of Rhythm, Spirit of Oneness coordinates and provides drumming opportunities for any event from small private group sessions, to Community Drum Circles, to large corporate events and retreats. Like dancing, drumming has been a part of every society on earth for most of the history of this planet. Drumming is an evolutionary driver, a real time hands on experience of where we are evolving to as a human species. A drum circle provides us with a microcosmovision of the kind of world we want to live in moment to moment. The beat of the drum reaches out and opens the connections between each of us in a simple easy manner. As the drumming progresses, you feel yourself connect to the earth, and feel your own body come into alignment with yourself and your peers. Regular drumming is being used with positive results in many health and wellness programs globally.

“In a drum circle, participants are all of equal value, no one is less or more important than anyone else. A drum circle washes away our differences and brings us together simply as human beings. It flattens the Hierarchy, wipes out competition, and embraces unity, collaboration and simplicity. It is about the great planetary shift from me to we, and from competition to collaboration”. Judy Atkinson, Circles of Rhythm. 

Judy describes the drum circle as a hands on experience of:

  • Compassion and kindness
  • Gentle Non-Invasive Healing techniques
  • Co-operation, collaboration and mutual respect
  • Diversity, creativity and playfulness
  • Deep listening, Ego free attitudes and light heartedness
  • Music making, Empowerment, and creative self-expression
  • Energy boosting, uplifting of spirits
  • Universal non-denominational Spirituality, real peace and unity.


Workshops and Special Events 

Spirit of Oneness is continually working to bring together the services of a variety of highly skilled teachers, facilitators and practitioners to offer a wide variety of Workshops and Retreats all designed to raise the awareness and health levels of our community.

Please see the Events Calendar for a current listing of Workshops. 

Ametrine Spirit, Tara Sue Moore 

Metaphysical Healing teachings and services offered through Ametrine Spirit


Awakening the Illuminated Heart 4 or 5 day Workshops

Awakening the Illuminated Heart teaches ancient and sacred practices and knowledge but is organized and presented to the world in such a way that we, the inhabitants of Mother Earth in the 21st century are able to understand and embody. It is the culmination of the life works of Drunvalo Melchizedek, and flows from his “Flower of Life” and “Living in the Heart” work.

The ATIH workshop leads us through varying exercises and steps, giving us the tools to shift our consciousness from the multipart brain, where most of us reside, and into the purity and oneness of our hearts. We are now ready and able to activate our ancient Merkaba light body in a new way, a way that it is permanent, natural, complete, and connected directly to the infinite love and unity within our hearts. We work through the steps required to create our existence from the pure oneness within our hearts rather than the complex and polarized brain. Once these steps are taken life will be forever changed.

By the end of the workshop, some of the activities you will experience include:

  • Archangel Michael’s Healing Ceremony
  • Meditations from Claudette Melchizedek’s Blue School
  • The Sufi Blessing Dance
  • The ancient Unity Breath meditation
  • Activation of the beams of light
  • Meditation to open the third eye
  • Activation of the permanent heart linked MerKaBa (vehicle for ascension)
  • Meditation for heart based creation

Knowledge and teachings presented in the workshop include information on the history of humanity as well as teachings required to move us into the next dimension. You learn the dramatic difference between creating your life from the duality of the brain vs. the purity and oneness of the heart, giving you the tools to create “good” so to speak without the equal and opposite reaction sneaking up on you from behind. These teachings on ascension are simple and direct and the graphics used for presentation are clear.

By participating in this workshop your very connection to life will begin to unfold in ways you have likely never even dreamed of, much less experienced.  Your perception and understanding of the world becomes dramatically different.  The act of living and creating from the heart has been kept alive within many of our indigenous populations and ancient cultures and is just now being remembered across all modern societies.

It is lightly and gently suggested that you read Drunvalo’s works, “The Ancient Secret of Flower of Life, Volume I & II” as well as “Living in The Heart” and “Serpent of Light”. These readings build a foundation of knowledge, making it easier to assimilate the volume of knowledge presented in the workshop; however these readings are no longer mandatory.

If you feel drawn to this work, I would be honoured to have the opportunity to share it with you.  Upcoming workshops as well as registration links are listed on the events page.


Soul Presence Inner Journeying ½ day Workshop

Within each of us is a unique, powerful essence that is the core of our own individuality, our own unique soul presence. Most 21st century humans are completely unaware of this dormant core of their own power residing quietly somewhere within them just waiting for their moment of awakening. Within the safe, clear space of a ceremonial sacred circle, Tara Sue will guide each person inside themselves to find and begin to communicate with their own unique soul presence. Once everyone’s presence awareness connection is made and communication channels are open, we will close with a sound bath, clearing, aligning and anchoring in our connection to our core presence.  4 hours $88 each participant, 4-8 participants.

Soul Presence and Grid Clearing and Aligning ½ day Workshop

Within each of us is a unique, powerful essence that is the core of our own individuality, our own unique soul presence. Most 21st century humans are completely unaware of this dormant core of their own power residing quietly somewhere within them just waiting for their moment of awakening. Within the safe, clear space of a ceremonial sacred circle, Tara Sue will guide each person inside themselves re-establish communication with their own unique soul presence. Once everyone has established their connection to their own presence, we use our own soul to highlight, clear, align and integrate our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual grid systems. A powerful, rejuvenating and vitalizing healing experience.  4 hours $88, 4-8 participants.

Prerequisite – Some consciousness journeying experience or completion of the Soul Presence inner Journeying workshop, or an individual Soul Presence session.  

Individualized Learning and Healing Sessions. – 

Sessions offered at Amaryllis Healing Centre in Cochrane, Alberta and at Self Connection Books in Calgary, Alberta.

Individual treatment programs involve personalized integration of the following services. 

Aura Imaging – Your aura colour and vibration reflects how you interface with the world. Our system images your current vibration, the vibrations you are pulling in and sending out (how others view you), and your chakra energetic system strength, balance and health. Sessions include your Aura picture, Chakra Picture, a detailed report, scientific and intuitive insights. Individual, Couple and Small Animal photo sessions available. – Individual Sessions, 45 minute, $60. Couples and pets, 1 hour, $95

Aura Imaging Integrated Personalized Healing Sessions – Seeing your energy field change in real time according to your emotional, mental, physical and energetic responses is an experience onto itself. The Aura Imagery shows detailed information on the functioning level of each of your main chakras, your overall energy level, and your balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, clearly reflecting your weaknesses and strengths and allowing you to see where to focus. Instant monitoring as we go through our session(s) together provide instant feedback on the effects of various treatments allowing us to target individual sessions to each individual. Ametrine Spirit will guide you through different healing techniques or come with your own techniques and we monitor your aura as you utilize them. $80/hour to monitor your own techniques, $110/hour to monitor your regular session.

General Healing and Journeying Individual Sessions 1 hour– Ametrine Spirit offers integrated, personalized sessions consisting of a combination of teaching and healing using techniques including heartmath, reiki, sound healing (acutonics or crystal bowls), Bodytalk, Andean shamanic ceremonial techniques, crystals, Singing bowls and/or animal/gemstone/essential essences and oils. 1 hour, $95. With Aura Camera, $110

Initial Soul Presence Introduction and mental/physical/emotional/spiritual Grid Balancing Session

Within each of us is a unique, powerful essence that is the core of our own individuality, our own unique soul presence. Most 21st century humans are completely unaware to this dormant core of themselves residing quietly somewhere within them just waiting for the moment of awakening. Within the safe, clear space of a ceremonial sacred circle, Tara Sue will guide you inside yourself to find and begin to communicate with your own unique soul presence. Once your presence awareness connection is made and communication channels are open, we will use this powerful presence to focus individually on each of the body’s domains, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, clearing, aligning and integrating each. A powerful health and wellness technique. (2-2.5 hours) $195 

Sacred Circle Creation and Soul Presence Grid Balancing Sessions – 1.5 hour, Prerequisite – Client must have completed the Initial Soul Presence Introduction Session$135

Use your inner presence to individually highlight, raise, cleanse, align, heal, and reintegrate each of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual grids. A powerful session of inner alignment done in the environment of the purity of a sacred circle. Client must have already completed the Initial Soul Presence Treatment.

Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval Sessions – An opportunity to retrieve and reunify all aspects of your energetic Self –“Presence”. Similar to soul retrieval, Whole Presence brings back and integrates amounts of your Soul energy that have been lost, given or taken away. However, in this advanced process you are guided in the course of one intensive four hour session to journey through all time, space and dimensions to retrieve 100% of your Soul fragments lost in either this lifetime or any of your incarnations. It is time for Wholeness. In this rapidly advancing evolutionary phase on earth spiritual awakening is linked to being completely present – in the present moment with all of your Presence.

 (3-5 hours) $550

Whole Presence Articles Landing Page – Rick – I think this was put into the articles.

Have you ever felt or said out loud, “I feel scattered”, “I’m not myself”, “I’m not grounded”, “I’m not present”, “I’ve lost touch with myself”, or “That person drained me”? Have you experienced trauma you just cannot quite recover from? Are you burdened by ties to people, or memories, or responsibilities? Do you struggle to maintain optimal health? Do you feel powerless? 

As the evolutionary process on the planet accelerates, reunifying your Whole Soul Presence allows you to move more easily through intensifying transitions.  The integrity of the reunified self brings inner strength and balance, establishing harmony and peace. Whole Presence allows for greater clarity, increased focus and a deeper, more pervading sense of oneness with all of Life. Whole Presence empowers you to be all that you are, an unlimited creator within this life experience.  As your energy is no longer fragmented and diffused you become capable of easily and quickly going beyond any restricting or distorted concepts and beliefs of the past.  Emotional issues that arise may be processed and released with little effort and profound shifts occur rapidly. Over time, the integration and developing conscious awareness of your Whole Soul Presence results in experiencing more of your Unlimited Creative Divine Nature.  In alignment with Source and all of Life you vibrate in the pure essence of your being, radiating greater Peace, Love and Light to all. 

Are you familiar with working with energy, able to maintain focus, and capable of handling change gracefully? Are you experiencing strong enthusiasm and inner knowing that this step is right for you? If so, then you are ready to undergo instant transformation by reunifying your entire soul  presence in one single 3-5 hour guided session during which you will journey through all space, time and dimensions, identifying, retrieving,  filtering, purifying, integrating, and anchoring 100% of your own Soul Essence in this time, space, and dimension.  $550